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Clients throughout Ireland rely on our contracts management service.

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Contracts Management

The contracts management service provided by Spentide Ltd ensures Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met or exceeded for both private and public sector construction contracts.

Once contracts have been signed, our highly skilled and experienced personnel communicate to all relevant individuals and monitor construction projects in accordance with outlined contractual obligations and terms and conditions.

Modifications to a contract agreement should be observed closely to judge whether two parties can continue to work together or whether a parting of ways would be of benefit.

Spentide Ltd take the responsibility of contracts management very seriously and understand the importance of clear and regular communication with every party involved in the construction process.

We ensure commercial and residential clients are fully satisfied with their construction contracts


Pre-contract: We work closely with the contract administration to understand important details of the new agreement. Specific guidelines will be incorporated in order to best manage contracts and deliverables.

Handover: A thorough handover process will ensure all parties are aligned and fully understanding of their roles, responsibilities and key deliverables.

Contract: The work defined in the agreement is executed and deliverables are completed according to agreed timelines and budgets.

Pre-renewal: We help clients determine if they would like to renew, renegotiate or terminate a soon to be expiring contract.

Post-contract: Our team will review contract terms to confirm all SLAs have been met and invoices have been settled.

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How much do your contracts management services cost?

Pricing will vary from case to case depending on the scale of the proposed construction project. Get in touch with us directly to discuss your requirements in further detail.

Are your contracts management services available throughout Ireland?

Yes. We are based in Cork, but we offer our services throughout Ireland for both commercial and residential clients. Contact our team to start the contract management process.

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